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Gloria Strauss Scholarship Fund

St. Philomena School has established the “Gloria Strauss Scholarship”. This scholarship is established in the name of Gloria Strauss, which will provide tuition assistance to students whose families are in dire financial or personal circumstances that threaten or prevent their access to a Catholic education. Families will need to apply for assistance and the awarding of financial assistance will be done by a special scholarship committee.

For those of you who knew Gloria and the story of her courageous four year battle with Neuroblastoma cancer that began when she was just 7 years old, the establishment of this scholarship in her honor is especially exciting news. It means that the grace of Gloria’s life and journey will continue to shine in the lives of many more children in the future, giving them an opportunity for stability, spiritual nourishment, and a sound Catholic education as their families weather the challenges that life sometimes brings.

The Gloria Strauss Scholarship Breakfast Video




Alumni News

If you were a student here at St. Philomena School, please take a moment and let us know what you are up to. The Alumni Registration Form is in the front of the church, parish office, school office and on the school website, If you have any questions, or would like to help us plan, please send an email to

All you parents that are St. Philomena Alumni contact your classmates and tell them that we would love to hear from them. We want to include everybody in our celebration.

Annual Campaign Fund FAQ

Q: What is the Annual Campaign Fund and how can I make a contribution?

A: It is an annual giving program that raises funds for St. Philomena School. The funds help with tuition assistance, school facility and safety improvements and to secure the heritage and tradition of St. Philomena School. To make a donation you can call the Development Office at (206) 824-4051 ext. 127, mail contributions with attention to the Development Office to 1815 S 220th Street, Des Moines, WA 98198. You can also donate on line at

Q: Why does St. Philomena Catholic School ask for contributions?

A: It is our mission to remain accessible to families seeking Catholic education for their children. The Annual Campaign is not a “fundraiser”, it is a commitment by you to invest in the future of our parish school. Through your donations we will be able to bridge the gap between what we receive in tuition and our operating budget, all the while keeping tuition affordable for our families.

Q: Is parent, alumni, parish, and community participation important? 

A: Yes! Every school family signed a Commitment Contract for the 2015-2016 school year stating that they will contribute to the Annual Campaign. 100% participation of our families and staff is important to ensure that St. Philomena School will be able continue our mission to teach, model, and promote Gospel Values in all areas of a balanced curriculum. With the help of St. Philomena alumni, parish members and the community all donations to this years Annual Campaign will ensure that we are able to continue providing affordable Catholic education to those seeking it now and in the future. Any amount of support is greatly appreciated.

Q: Will I receive a tax benefit from my donation? 

A: Yes. No goods or services will be received in exchange for your gift, so it will be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. You will receive written recognition of your gift for your tax records.

Q: How can I maximize my charitable donation to the fullest?

A: There are many companies with gift matching programs. Please contact your employer’s Human Resources Department for information on matching gifts. St. Philomena School will provide whatever documentation you might need in order to facilitate a matching gift.

If you have further questions please contact Pam Blood at

Development News 10/05/2016

Annual Campaign Donation Form 2016


St. Philomena School Funds

The following funds are ways for you to join us in making the gift of Catholic education possible for families at St. Philomena School now and in the future.

Gloria Strauss Scholarship Fund

This fund supports families dealing with severe financial hardships due to unique circumstances.

Marilyn Byers Alumni Scholarship Fund

Helps St. Philomena School alumni families with tuition assistance.

Lee Jenkins Endowment Fund

This ensures the financial sustainability of St. Philomena School and will help provide a long and prosperous future. This specialized fund currently is invested through the Archdiocese of Seattle, with hopes of reaching a balance of  1 million dollars by 2014.

St. Philomena Long Term Development Fund 

Is the one fund that helps with the greatest needs of the overall school, such as facilities, curriculum, and technology.

Please donate through the school website or send your donation directly to the school at:

St. Philomena School

1815 S 220th Street

Des Moines, WA 98198