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K-4 Christmas program

TIME: 7:00PM
DATE: 12/13/18

Thursday, Dec. 13th at 7:00 PM is our annual Christmas Program, presented by the Kindergarten through 4th grade. Miss Hunt and the students have been working very hard in preparation for this program. Students need to be at school and in their costumes ready to go at 6:40 PM; the doors of the school will not open until 6:40 PM. Please drop off your child at their classrooms and then head over to church to get a seat. Please remember that even though this is a Christmas program, it still takes place in church and we need to make sure we are all reverent. Please do not bring any beverage into the church, especially coffee. All children who are not in the program need to be in the pews with their parents. Please do not allow younger students to be walking around, it becomes a distraction to the students performing. This is considered a school function and students in the program or other students watching the performance are not allowed to be using their cell phones. At the end of the program the teachers will bring the students back to their classrooms. Due to safety precautions, parents MUST pick up their children from the classrooms not at church, this ensures that all students are accounted for and safe. See you there!!

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