Splash Paddle Raise 2018

Here is your chance to make a huge difference at St. Philomena School

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 3/17/18

2018 SPLASH Auction Paddle Raise

The goal of the 2018 Paddle Raise is to raise over $30,000

to help with the following needs:

Level One: $5,000 -- Classroom Flooring Replacement Part II

No, we aren’t repaving the yellow brick road; however, we do need to finish the school’s flooring! Last summer we replaced carpets in half of the classrooms, and now it is time to finish up the rest of the classrooms. Here is your chance to help replace the old shabby carpets and spruce up our amazing school! You wouldn’t want the Wicked Witch of the West melting on our old floors now would you??

Level Two: $10,0006th Grade Lockers

Transitioning into middle school can be just as challenging as going to the Emerald City and trying to meet the Wizard himself! Help our 6th grade students make the transition into middle school easier and more organized by replacing the old cubbies with shiny new lockers! We need 32 new lockers to add to the 6th grade classroom to give the sixth graders a wonderful middle school experience; if not you might get a house dropped on you!

Level Three: $15,000Technology Enhancement

We need to keep our munchkins in tune with the latest technology and give them the tools to find their way back home in case they get caught up in a tornado in Kansas!! We are continuing to increase our technology enhancement by adding addition i-Pads, lap tops, interactive white boards, and apple TVs. Even a scarecrow without a brain can tell that this is an awesome idea!!

Level Four: $20,000 & Beyond -- Exterior Painting of the School

We need you to have a huge heart and a big dose of courage and help us get the exterior of the school painted. The green trim on the school has seen better days and is even scaring away the flying monkeys! Please donate to the Paddle Raise so we can give the school a much needed facelift and not look like the faded color of the Wicked Witch’s face!!

Please download the following form, fill it out and return it back to school! We need your help to make a difference!!

Paddle Raise 2018 Form