Earthquake Kits

All students need an Earthquake Kit by Sept. 21st

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 9/21/18

Our goal and mission is to keep your child safe kept safe in the event of a natural disaster such as a major earthquake, disabling storm or any other emergency situation which might occur during a school day. We are currently reviving and rewriting the St. Philomena School Crisis Plan. This plan involves written procedures for staff, drills and drill reviews, storage of student and staff personal emergency kits and storage of additional equipment.

Parents need to provide each child with a personal emergency preparedness kit or “Earthquake Kit” which is described below. Earthquake Kits must be at school by Friday, September 21, 2018.

Please take the time to review the points below:

1. In the event of a major disaster, all students will be kept at school until they can be released to their parents or another designated adult. Please keep your family emergency card up to date, as your child will be released only to a person whose name is on the card. These are kept in the school office and are accessible to be updated. Inform those whom you have listed on the card of their responsibility in the event of a disaster. Also, inform your children who you have listed on the card so they know who is authorized to pick them up.

2. If a disaster should occur, please do not call the school. We will need to keep telephone lines clear for communication with emergency services.

3. If you come to the school after a disaster, either to volunteer or to pick up children, please maintain a calm and positive attitude in the presence of the children.

Emergency Kit

Please fill a gallon Ziploc bag with the items listed on the attached list, label it with your child’s name in permanent marker, and send it to school with your child by Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. The bag should include the food of your choice, depending upon your child’s preferences. Cans with pull-open tops are best, as can openers will be limited.


1. No items that need cooking or heating.

2. No refrigerated items ~ everything will be stored at room temperature.

3. No perishables. No boxed juices ~ leakage is a problem.

4. When purchasing items for the Emergency Kit, try to choose those with longest shelf life (i.e., the latest expiration date).

5. Please include a letter of comfort to the child (“We’ll be there as soon as we

can…”, etc.) and also a family photo, if available.

Content suggestions: (Please be sure to include items marked *).

Granola Bars Canned Meats Fruit Cups

Packaged Crackers Animal Crackers Canned Sausages

Packaged Nuts Packaged Raisins Canned Juices

Plastic Spoons Beef Jerky Fruit Rollups

Energy Bars Dehydrated Fruits Glo Sticks

Space Blanket* Small Pkg. Kleenex* Dust Mask or Bandana*

Small Flashlight w/ batteries* Lawn or Leaf Bag to be used as a Poncho*

Your child’s Emergency Kit will be returned at the end of the school year to be replenished for the next year.