2018 Anchor Fund!

Please make your donation today!!

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 9/10/18

Last week we sent out information on the school’s annual Anchor Fund. The St. Philomena School’s Anchor Fund is not a “fundraiser,” rather it is a commitment to invest in the future of our parish school; it is your way to “vote yes” for Catholic Education via a monetary donation to the school that will provide tuition assistance to those seeking Catholic education, bolster and improve the school’s facilities and safety; and secure the heritage and tradition of St. Philomena School. Please help us support our school and our Anchor Fund!! Last year we raised $35,000. Our monetary goal this year for the Anchor Fund is $38,000. Donation forms went home in last week’s Wednesday Envelope. Please remember that the Anchor Fund is part of your contractual obligation and all school families must donate. Thank you for your support! I know we can meet this goal!! Please make your pledge/donation by Friday, Oct. 5th.