Celebrating What is Right in the World

September theme is charity, our role model is St. Vincent de Paul

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 9/10/18

Last Friday we also kicked off our “Celebrating What is Right in the World Program” for the new school year. Celebrating what’s right with the world enables us to recognize the options and opportunities before us, while helping to unleash our energy and creativity. Celebrating what’s right also allows us to harness the energy we need to fix what’s wrong with the world or at least our corners of it. Celebrating what’s right with the world does not mean pretending there aren’t things that are wrong. Without a doubt, many situations desperately need improvement. However, we are more prepared to tackle these tasks when we can also keep in mind the many things that are right with the world. When we recognize the good, we’re implicitly acknowledging that solutions exist for many of the challenges before us. Celebrate What’s Right with the World can help all of us become more effective at whatever it is we’re doing with our lives.

At each prayer service this year in addition to focusing on the theme for the month we are also go to focus on role models within the Church that celebrate faith, goodness and kindness. Our September Celebrate What is Right in the World theme is charity and our role model for the month of September is St. Vincent de Paul.