Final Penny Drive Results!!

Who is the winning class?

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 2/14/19

10th place- 2nd grade -$151.66
9th place- 6th grade -$134.02
8th place- 5th grade -$98.94
7th place- PreK -$85.39
6th place- 4th grade -$82.33
5th place- 3rd grade -$81.6
4th place- 8th grade -$59.91
3rd place- Kindergarten -$31.36
2nd place- 7th grade +$6.64
1st place- 1st grade +$24.33

We collected a total of $3,274.74, which is $12.00 more than last year. Congrats 1st grade you have earned an amazing ice sundae party coming up soon!!