Seder Meal Discontinuation

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 3/15/19

Over the past few years we have been receiving information about Catholics celebrating the Seder Meal. The Seder Meal has been a long time tradition at St. Philomena School well established long before I became principal. The faculty has had recent discussion about the continuation of celebrating the Seder Meal. I talked with Father Woodland who stated that the Catholic Church does not promote this celebration. Here is what the Church stated about the Seder Meal:

"First and foremost, the Seder Meal is a sacred Jewish ritual. For Catholics to re-enact this sacred ritual is disrespectful of the Jewish tradition. The Seder Meal is a Jewish tradition that Catholics should enjoy only if we are privileged to be welcomed to a Jewish Passover table.

The Church has not approved the Seder meal as a ritual or devotion of the Church; therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that the Seder should not be celebrated on Church property. Hosting such an event on Church property can give the impression of Church approval where it does not exist. As a matter of prudence then, it is wise to avoid and discourage a Seder Meal held on Church property."

In discussion with the faculty and in consultation with Father Woodland, we have made the decision to longer celebrate the Seder Meal as a school practice. We will be explaining to the students the reasons why in the upcoming weeks. On Holy Thursday, we will conduct a school-wide service project. We strongly encourage you to attend the Mass of the Last Supper at St. Philomena Church at 7:00 PM on Holy Thursday.

Thank you for your understanding,

Dr. M.