SPLASH Paddle Raise 2017

Help support St. Philomena School

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 3/25/17

2017 SPLASH Auction Paddle Raise

Won’t you seize the opportunity to spruce up the St. Philomena classrooms,

improve the playground,

and bring some additional technology into the school?

The goal of the 2017 Paddle Raise is to raise over $30,000 to help:

Level One: $5,000 -- Playground Improvement

With help from the amazing St. Philomena School PEP Club, we are making major improvements to the playground, including adding rubber matting and upgrading some of the playground equipment. Your donation will help get the kids out and about and moving outside!

Level Two: $10,000 -- Technology Enhancement

St. Philomena School is looking to further enhance our students’ access to technology by purchasing Apple TV devices for the classrooms, adding ten additional Chrome book tablets, and updating the classroom’s interactive white boards. These enhancements will give our students a step up in the area of technology.

Level Three: $15,000 -- Classroom Flooring Replacement

The year was 1996 and people were doing the “Macarena.” It was also the year when the original school carpets were put in the classrooms. There have been some replacements, but it is time to give the classroom flooring a complete make-over. Your support will spruce up the school and even make Chip and Joanna Gains envious!

Level Four: $20,000 -- i-Pads, i-Pads, i-Pads!

Currently St. Philomena School has forty i-Pads for our students to use to learn and explore. The classroom teachers use the i-Pads for small group instruction, individual instruction, math and reading enhancements, and a wide variety of other instructional practices. Your donation can help us put additional i-pads into the students’ hands.

Level Five: $25,000 & Beyond (Like Buzz Light Year)Student Desk Replacement

The carvings in the desks date back to the early settlers (Well, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but…) We would like to replace student desks which are worn out and falling apart, and we need your help. Your support will give our students a new place to learn and reach their full potential!

I am not attending the SPLASH Auction, but I want to help support the 2017 St. Philomena School SPLASH Paddle Raise. Please check the amount you would like to donate and attach your check and return form to St. Philomena School. You can also donate online through the school’s website www.stphilomenaschool.com (All donations are tax deductable)

$5,000 ___ $2,500 ___ $1,000 ___

$500 ___ $250 ___ $100 ___

$50 ___ $25 ___