Celebrating What is Right in the World

We need to celebrate all that is right in the world:

The focus of the “Celebrating What is Right in the World” program is to reinforce that we are all part of God’s family and that we treat all with kindness, compassion and understanding. The focus is to create an atmosphere and an environment, where faculty, parents, parishioners and students treat everyone with kindness, compassion and understanding. This is lived out by the way we talk to each other, they we talk about each other, the mannerisms that we use and our actions towards others.

We need to recognize that all of us are different, celebrate these differences, and model our compassion for each other. We need to reinforce the skills of kindness, compassion and understanding on a daily basis. We need to commend those we see following and living out the mission and give our help to those who are not.

The program encompasses all areas and aspects of the school, church, parish hall, school hallways, parking lots, Kids’ Club, CYO, at school and/or parish meetings, and in our own personal lives. We really need to celebrate what is right in the world.

 Celebrating what’s right with the world enables us to recognize the options and opportunities before us, while helping to unleash our energy and creativity. Celebrating what’s right also allows us to harness the energy we need to fix what’s wrong with the world or at least our corners of it. Celebrating what’s right with the world does not mean pretending there aren’t things that are wrong. Without a doubt, many situations desperately need improvement. However, we are more prepared to tackle these tasks when we can also keep in mind the many things that are right with the world. When we recognize the good, we’re implicitly acknowledging that solutions exist for many of the challenges before us. Celebrate What’s Right with the World can help all of us become more effective at whatever it is we’re doing with our lives.


Celebrating What is Right in the World themes

2019- 2020 Themes “Role Models in the Church- Saints”

September –St. Mother Teresa- Humility- being courteous, respectful, not arrogant – 4th grade

October – St. Thérèse de Lisieux- Endurance- powering through a difficult process – 5th grade

November – St. Martin of Tours- Valor- showing courage, bravery 8th grade

December- St. Lucy- Virtuous- having high moral standards 7th grade

January- St. Elizabeth Ann Seton- Solicitude- caring for others Kindergarten

February- St. Blasé- Devotion- religious worship or observance 6th grade

March- St. Joseph- Discipline- to be obedient, faithful 1st grade

April- St. John Paul II – Simplicity- freedom from pretense, living simple 2nd grade

May- St. Monica- Resolute- marked by firm determination or resolution -3rd grade

June- St. John the Baptist- Fidelity- faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief- PreK