The basic curriculum in place at St. Philomena School meets Archdiocesan requirements for textbooks, materials and time allotments for subject areas. St. Philomena School's curriculum is cross-referenced with Washington State’s Essential Learning Requirements and the national Common Core standards so that it meets or exceeds current state and national standards. St. Philomena School is fully accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NASC). A copy of the accreditation report and study is available for checkout through the school office and on the website.


Subject Areas

Subject areas for St. Philomena School include the following- religion/family life, Talk about Touching-personal safety curriculum, reading, language arts, English, mathematics, social studies, science, music, band, physical education, library skills, computer skills, 6TH grade camp, and art. Integration of technology is an ongoing effort to incorporate technology as a tool into all areas of the curriculum as deemed necessary and appropriate.



The instructional program at St. Philomena School continually strives toward implementing the best and most appropriate teaching practices in current use. The determinations have followed intensive study through state and Archdiocesan guidelines and policies, university coursework, workshops, and professional reading. St. Philomena School incorporates the best teaching practices and provides differentiated instruction for all students.


St. Philomena School incorporates a variety of methods of assessment to ensure consistent student learning. On-going assessments is documented in many ways including: individual student records kept by each teacher, in portfolios of student work showcasing their progress and pride in achievement, in parent/student/teacher conferences, in progress reports and report cards, and in standardized testing every year. St. Philomena School also incorporates many formative assessment techniques and tools to help checking of a student's understanding.

St. Philomena School administers the MAP testing. MAP scores are linked on the front page of the website.