Birthday Books and Donations!!

Birthday Books 2018-2019

This year we will continue the “Birthday Books” tradition that benefits our school library. By donating a book you can create a lasting memory of your child’s birthday or any other important event. At the same time, and for less than it may cost to buy cupcakes for your child’s class, you help us to expand and update our library collection. It is a great opportunity to teach your child about the joy of giving, and the donated book will live on our shelves for years to come as a testament of your generosity. Here’s how the program works:

STEP ONE: Select a book from our Wish List which appears on You may purchase the book elsewhere, but it must be one of the selections from our wish list; it must be hardcover; and it must be brand-new. To view our Wish List, go to; click on “Wish List”; click on “Find a Wish List”; type “St. Philomena School” in the box and click “Go.” Mrs. Hunt maintains a list of between 200 and 400 titles that we would love to add to our collection.

STEP TWO: Once you have purchased the book, attach a note to it with your child’s name, what special occasion your child is celebrating, and then take it to Mrs. Hunt in the library. She will process the book for circulation and affix a bookplate that acknowledges your child’s special event or the reason for the donation. Your child’s name will also be added to the Donor List on the bulletin board outside the library.

STEP THREE: When the book is ready, your child will be called to the library to see the personalized bookplate, and he or she will be given the opportunity to be the first person to check out the book. Then your child will be recognized at the next monthly prayer service and awarded a special treat by Mrs. Hunt.

REASONS TO DONATE: Your child may donate to celebrate his or her own birthday, or to honor the birthday of someone else such as a parent, grandparent, godparent, or sibling. Your child may want to celebrate a holiday, a personal achievement, or simply because he or she is feeling generous. Some students have donated to commemorate their baptism; and others have donated to celebrate the “A” they earned on a difficult spelling test. Any reason is a good one!

OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT OUR LIBRARY: Donations of money or of Amazon or Barnes & Noble scrip are always welcome and are always deeply appreciated. Mrs. Hunt can use the money to purchase a book you designate or she would be happy to choose one for you. Either way, please provide bookplate information so that you can be properly honored.

LASTLY: Donations of used books, paperback books, or books that do not appear on the Wish List are welcomed and appreciated, but they will not be honored or recognized as part of this program.

Thank you!