Using the St. Philomena School Library

How We Use Our Library 

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."

— Walt Disney

All students have a scheduled time during the week when they visit the library with their class. A student may visit at other times as well if given permission by his/her teacher.

CHECK-OUT: Students in Pre-K will visit the library each week for a story and a lesson or activity, but they will not check out books.

Students in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade will visit weekly; will check out books weekly; and may take their books home for one week. They will be provided with a personalized plastic book bag in which they are to store and transport their library books. The books and the bag must both be returned on the next scheduled library day in order for the student to check out additional books.

Students in grades 3 through 8 will also visit weekly. They may check out books each week and keep them for 2 weeks

The maximum number of books that any student may have checked out at any one time is 6 regardless of whether any are overdue.

LOAN PERIODS: Books are checked out to students for a period of two weeks.

Students are asked to return books promptly, on or before the date stamped on the “Date Due” slip inside the book. If the student has not finished the book during the initial two-week period, he or she may bring it to the library and renew it for an additional two weeks.

Some classroom teachers provide a special container where students may put their library books when they have finished; but students and parents should understand that placing a book in the classroom container is not the same as returning the book to the library. A book is not “officially” returned to the library until it has actually arrived in the library and been scanned in.

OVERDUE BOOKS: Overdue notices will be sent home on an as-needed basis, either electronically or in the Wednesday communication envelope. They are a reminder to the student and the parent, and the book(s) should be returned as soon as possible. A student who has 2 or more overdue books may not check out additional books until the materials are returned. This is not intended to be punitive; we simply want to keep the number of books for which a student is responsible at a quantity he or she can manage.

Note to Parents: If your child receives an Overdue Notice and tells you that he or she “never checked out that book,” be aware that some students (particularly the younger ones) don’t always make a connection between the title of a book and the book itself. Please take the notice seriously and help your child look for the book.

CARE OF BOOKS: Students are expected to treat all library books with utmost care. This means keeping them safe, clean, and dry. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping the library books away from food and drink; away from pens, pencils, crayons and markers; away from dirty hands, babies, and pets; off of the floor; out of wet weather; and away from spilled, leftover lunches in his or her backpack.

LOST OR DAMAGED BOOKS: Students will be required to pay for or replace any book that they lose. Students will also be required to pay for or replace any book which is damaged to the extent that it can no longer be circulated. Fines for other less severe book damage will be levied at the discretion of the library staff.

PRIVILEGE AND RESPONSIBILITY: We emphasize with all the students that it is a privilege for them to use our wonderful library, and with that privilege comes responsibility. When a child has overdue books and tells us that Mom forgot to put them in his backpack, we remind him or her that Mom is not the student and it is not Mom’s job to put the books into the backpack; it is the student’s job to return his or her books on time. When a child returns a book with damage to it and tells us that the baby or the dog did it, we remind the student that it is his or her job to keep books safe from pets and babies. That being said, it is also helpful, particularly to young students, if parents will be aware of and support our expectations with guidance and reminders.

BEHAVIOR IN THE LIBRARY: Students are expected at all times to remember and respect the quiet, studious nature of the library atmosphere.

OTHER: If you or your student patronize your local public library, please be careful that you return your public library books ONLY TO THE PUBLIC LIBRARY and your student should return St. Philomena library books ONLY TO ST. PHILOMENA. Our school library and the King County Library System are two entirely separate entities.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: Encourage your child to be a reader and a frequent patron of our library. The ability to read well is crucial to your child’s success in every other subject area. No successful adult looks back and recalls with pride the television shows he watched or the video games he mastered; but he will long (and fondly!) remember the time spent reading good books and the grown-ups who encouraged it.

"So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray,

Go throw your TV set away,

And in its place you can install,

A lovely bookshelf on the wall."

— Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory