Tuition and Fees

St. Philomena School Tuition for 2022-2023

$6,100.00 In-Parish Rate – 1 Student

$11,895.00 In-Parish Rate – 2 Students

$16,775.00 In-Parish Rate – 3 Students

$22,265.00 In-Parish Rate – 4 Students

$8,840.00 Non-Parish Rate Per Student

A. The School Commission under advice and consultation of the principal is responsible for setting the non-refundable registration fees as well as tuition rates.

B. All tuition contractual obligations for the prior year must be paid in full to insure a student's registration for the following school year. Tuition contractual obligations for eighth graders must be paid before graduation. All report cards, mid-term reports, and school records, including eighth grade diplomas, will be withheld until all fees are current. If special arrangements are necessary, please, contact the principal.

Tuition Policy

Our tuition goals are:

A. To try our best to make Catholic School education affordable to all who truly desire and value it for their children.

B. To foster a trusting, community relationship between the parish, the school and the Catholic family.

C. To generate funds so the school has a solid financial base that can more effectively improve programs and services.

St. Philomena Tuition Rates

In-Parish Rate:

To receive in-parish tuition, the family must have one parent who is a baptized and practicing Catholic, registered at St. Philomena Parish, and must have a Stewardship Commitment Card on file in the parish office. A quarterly review will be shared by the parish office to verify contributions. A St. Philomena in-parish family is one who is participating in the sacramental life of the parish by regularly attending Mass, supporting parish activities, and financially contributing. A suggested donation for the in-parish tuition rate is a weekly donation of $25.00 to $50.00.

Non-Parish Tuition Rate:

The non-parish rate applies to a family that is not registered member of St. Philomena Parish

St. Philomena School Financial Aid

Local financial assistance can be requested by any current school family. Families may apply for the annual Archdiocese of Seattle Tuition Assistance Grant funded by the Fulcrum Foundation. Once a family has submitted the application by the designated deadline, a school family can then request an application form for the St. Philomena School Financial Aid. The confidential form is processed by the Tuition Assistance Committee and awardees are based on financial need only. Each new school year, the applicant must reapply for the Fulcrum tuition assistance grant and the St. Philomena financial aid. Any special circumstances will be handled confidentially by the principal and pastor.

The St. Philomena Financial Tuition Assistance Committee meets and determines that amount of tuition assistance based on specific criteria. St. Philomena School families who belong to St. Philomena Parish receive first consideration for assistance. Families will receive notification from the principal regarding their tuition assistance.

There is no tuition assistance for PreK Students.

Emergency Financial Aid

Life status changes do occur and St. Philomena School tries to respond to the call. If a current school family has experienced a life status change, the family may submit in writing an emergency scholarship request. If any funds are available, the principal will work with the pastor to assess the need and respond accordingly.

Tuition Payment Policy

Recognizing that payment of school tuition is a requirement of each family and that the need to maintain a continuous and consistent cash flow is essential to the well-managed school, our School follows the following policy regarding tuition payment:

Tuition is due on or before the fifth day of every month. Should a situation arise that a payment will be late; the parent is responsible to notify the School Principal as soon as possible. In the event that a family fails to pay tuition on time, the School Principal will initiate the following procedures:

1. If at the end of thirty (30) days the tuition account is not current, the parent will be notified by the Principal of the past due amount. A late fee of $25 will be added to the total tuition balance, and additional late fees of $25 each month will continue to be added until the account is current.

2. If at the end of sixty (60) days the past due condition continues to exist, the parent will be notified in writing by the Principal that the account must be brought current.

3. If at the end of ninety (90) days the account has not been brought current, school services to the family will be immediately discontinued and the account will be referred to a collection agency.

St. Philomena School reserves the right, if any tuition payment is past due, to remove the student(s) from the school. The school has the further right to refuse re-enrollment for the following school year until financial commitments have been met. Re-enrollment in the current year or enrollment for the following year will not be accepted until tuition and fees are paid in full. The School will withhold all report cards, mid-term reports, and school records, including eight grade diplomas until all financial obligations are met. Additionally, families who have past due tuition are not eligible for tuition assistance.

Families that are experiencing financial difficulties should contact the principal immediately.

Tuition Payment Options

St. Philomena offers four tuition options to St. Philomena School families:

  • Tuition paid in full September 2nd
  • 4 equal payments (June, Sept., Dec., March)
  • 10 equal payments (August through May)
  • 12 equal payment (June through May)



St. Philomena School enters into covenants or contracts with faculty and staff and incurs financial obligations for the entire school year. In order for St. Philomena School to meet these financial obligations, when a student is enrolled, the parent/guardian assumes the obligation to pay the tuition/fees in full.

In order to receive a refund of tuition paid, the parent/guardian must advise the principal before the first day of school that the student will be withdrawing. The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

· If a student is withdrawn by the first day of school, 75% of the tuition is refundable.

· If a student is withdrawn after the end of the first trimester, 0% of the tuition is refundable.

Extenuating circumstances regarding the withdrawal of a student will be considered pending a review by the pastor and principal.

The school reserves the right, if any tuition payment is past due, to remove the student(s) from the school. The school has the further right to refuse re-enrollment for the following school year until financial commitments have been met. No transcripts of grades or school records of any child enrolled in the school shall be provided without prior payment of tuition due to the school.