Each family will be required to generate money towards fund raising. Families will use their tuition contract to clearly delineate their individual fund raising commitment.

Required Fundraising

The cost to educate a child at St. Philomena Catholic School is approximately $8,840. Tuition covers a portion of this cost. The remaining costs are made up through fundraising.

Anchor Fund is due by October 31, 2022. Every family MUST financially support the St. Philomena School’s Anchor Fund, which helps with the current and future viability of the school. All Anchor Fund donations are tax deductible.


Each family must purchase SCRIP to generate a minimum of $225.00 in revenue for St. Philomena School. Families not meeting the minimum $225.00 will be billed the difference between revenue generated and $325.00 by May 31, 2023.

SPLASH Auction (St. Philomena: Leadership, Action, Scholarship, Heritage) 

Procure an item(s) and/or service(s) at $250.00 or Buy-out (Cash, Check, Credit Card) my commitment at $200.00 by December 14, 2022.

Procure an item(s) and/or service(s) at $300.00 or Buy-out (Cash, Check, Credit Card) my commitment at $250.00 by January 26, 2023

No procurement items will be accepted after January 26, 2023 and the Buy-out commitment will be $350.00.

Families who are not current with their fundraising commitments are not eligible for tuition assistance for the upcoming school year. St. Philomena School reserves the right to withhold all report cards and school records, including eighth grade diplomas until all fundraising commitments are met. St. Philomena School also has the right to remove the student(s) from the school if required fundraising commitments are not met.

Required Service Hours

As part of the tuition contract, each family is responsible for finding, recording, and tracking their service hours during the school year. Annual commitment hour requirements are 40 hours for a two-parent family and 20 hours for a single parent family. Failure to fulfill the annual commitment hour requirement will result in an assessment charge of $30.00 per hour due June 1st each year. Hours not fulfilled by May 31, 2023 will be assessed at $30.00 an hour and payment is due by the last day of June.