Alumni News

Alumni News

Calling all St. Philomena School Alumni!

Please take a moment to contact us with your information so that we can add you to our mailing and email list and keep you informed of all the upcoming events we are planning. Please spread the word, we want to make sure that all past students and families are included in our Celebration!

If you were a student here at St. Philomena School, please take a moment and let us know what you are up to. The Alumni Registration Form is in the front of the church, parish office, school office and on the school website, If you have any questions, or would like to help us plan, please send an email to

All you parents that are St. Philomena Alumni contact your classmates and tell them that we would love to hear from them. We want to include everybody in our celebration.

Send your contact information to

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St. Philomena School Distinguished Graduates

St. Philomena School Distinguished Graduates

1996- Patty Waltner

2002 - Mary Jo Michaelson Rice -  Class of 1967

2006 - Tom Brunner - Class of 1975

2007- Lori Rosellini  - Class of 1983

2011- Thomas Avolio- Class of 2000

2012- Father Dominic Legge (David Legge) - Class of 1985

2013- Kristen Strauss - Class of 1988

2014- Michele Corey- Class of 1967

2015- Greg Carroll- Class of 1992

2016- Michelle French- Class of 1991

2017- Marlys Hunt- Class of 2004   and Tyler Evans Class of 2005

2018- Melissa Tarabochia Class of 1985

2019- Shawn McCann Class of 1992 

2020- Lisa Weber Korth Class of 1990 


Marilyn Byers Alumni Fund

Mrs. Marilyn Byers retired after 36 years at St. Philomena School in June of 2012.

Marilyn Byers Alumni Fund

We have established the Marilyn Byers Alumni Fund, which will help alumni families who attend St. Philomena School with tuition assistance. If you would like to make a donation in Mrs. Byers’ name, please make checks out to St. Philomena School.

One $1000 scholarship will be awarded to an alumni family at the Scholarship Event each February. An alumni family is one in which one of the parents is an alumnus/na of St. Philomena School. All alumni families will have their name placed in a drawing. The alumni family must be present at the Scholarship Event to receive the award. The scholarship will be credited toward the drawn family’s financial obligations toward the school, (i.e. tuition, band fees, hot lunch etc.). An alumni family may only receive this award one time.


2020 Distinguished Graduate

We are honored to announce the 2020 St. Philomena School Distinguished Graduate is Lisa Weber Korth. Lisa graduated from St. Philomena School in 1990 and then went on to Kennedy Catholic High School, Seattle University and the Art Institute. Lisa turned both her love of working with children and working in production into a career. She has worked at different preschools and television stations. Currently she is the director of the All Saints School Early Learning Center in Puyallup and she also does freelance work for the Seattle Mariners. She gets to put up information on the big screen including the boat races!! When asked who her favorite teacher was at St. Phil’s, Lisa stated, “So many to choose from....Mr. Beasley, Mrs. Bauer… but I would say Mrs. Barton Smith. I had her in second grade, got to go to her wedding, and then had her in 4th grade.” Lisa said Catholic education is important to her because she came from a Catholic family, it was important for her mom to send her to Catholic schools. She has been blessed with the ability to not only go to a Catholic grade school, but a Catholic high school and Jesuit college as well. A Catholic education not only helped her thrive academically, but it continued to instill a sense of belonging and a need to help others. Lisa has been married to her husband, Bob for 20 years. They have 2 sons, 16-year-old Matthew who graduated from All Saints and 13-year-old Nathan who is an 8th grader at All Saints. Lisa stated that “My husband and I were fortunate to be able to send our two sons to Catholic grade school and now our oldest is looking to go to Seattle University”. Finally Lisa said, “ I have the best of both worlds in my jobs. I love being able to share the Catholic faith with our little ones at All Saints, helping set them up for success in school and life, and I also get to work for my favorite baseball team, cheering them on at every home game!” Congratulations Lisa, we are so proud to recognize you for all that you have accomplished and for continuing on the legacy of Catholic education!!