MAP Testing starts

DATE: 5/06/19

The MAP test will be given to students 2-8th grade, three times a year (Sept., Jan. and April); and two times a year for kindergarten and first grade (Jan. & April). They will be testing in the subject areas of reading, English/language arts and math. The test is aligned with Common Core standards. The test is all done online. MAP test scores are reported at RIT scores. RIT stands for Rausch Interval Unit, and it is a regular measuring scale for best results. A RIT score shows a student's instructional level of a subject (Reading, Math, and Language Usage). The RIT score tells teachers exactly where the student should be working and what the next areas of instruction should be. Teachers are also able to use the information to make flexible groups within the classroom, putting students with similar needs together. Test results will be provided back to the school fairly quickly.

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