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Move-Up Day, Awards Assembly & Field Day

DATE: 6/12/19

On Wednesday, June 12th the students will participate in Move-Up Day at 9:00 AM, where they will go to the next grade to meet their teachers and learn about their upcoming grade. Please join us at 10:15 AM for the Awards Assembly in the church. We will be handing out yearbooks after lunch. Teachers will go over the yearbook guidelines with the students in their class, however just so you are aware,any derogatory or inappropriate comment written in a yearbook will cause that student to lose their yearbook and they will have to pay for the other student’s yearbook.We end the day with Field Day starting at 1:15 PM. Students can wear their family colors on on Field Day. Please watch the weather report, if it is supposed to be warm and sunny please have your child wear shorts and have them put on sunscreen.

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