Food Drive - Starts Nov. 15th

DATE: 11/15/21 - 11/19/21

Our annual Food Drive starts on Nov. 15th and we need your help to bring in lots of food! Each class will be collecting a particular Thanksgiving food item. Send the food item into your child’s classroom during our Food Drive Week. All food items collected will be donated to the Des Moines Food Bank. If you’d prefer or in addition, you may send a financial gift or buy grocery SCRIP), which we will give to the food bank so they can hand them out for people to buy turkeys. Yes, your donations are tax deductible!

Here’s the SHOPPING LIST for our families: We are asking that each student bring in items from column one and 1 or more items from column two.

Class List If you want to do more, you can send:

PRE-K: 2 boxes of stuffing mix *canned meat or fish

KINDERGARTEN: 2 cans of cranberry sauce *hearty soups

1ST GRADE: 2 boxes of muffin or cornbread mix *canned chili

2ND GRADE: 2 cans of sweet potatoes or yams *canned beans

3RD GRADE: 2 cans of soup (broth or cream) *1 lb. bags of rice

4TH GRADE: 3 cans of vegetables or fruit *spaghetti sauce or pasta

5TH GRADE: 2 jars or packets of gravy *mac & cheese

6TH GRADE: 1 small bag of potatoes *peanut butter, jelly, or honey

7TH GRADE: 2 cans of pumpkin or other pie filling *canned fruits or vegetables

8TH GRADE: 2 boxed pie crusts *breakfast cereal or bars

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