Jared Boxes

A great way during Lent to help out children who need some extra love!

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 3/31/20

St. Phil's Service Club is collecting items for Jared Boxes!

During Lent, St. Philomena School is undertaking a special service project to help our community. The Service Club is sponsoring a Jared Box Collection that will benefit youth in our area of all ages. With the help and support of our St. Phil's community, the Service Club will collect and assemble items, and then deliver as many Jared Boxes to Tacoma's Mary Bridge Hospital as soon as possible. With your generosity, we delivered 62 Jared Boxes last year! Thank you for your amazing support! Our goal is to meet or exceed what we did last year. For more information on Jared Boxes, please refer to the following link and check out the video. Click on "What is a Jared Box" and then scroll to the bottom of the page for the video:


Jared Box Collection Dates: March 9th - 31st: Following are suggested items for each class/age group; however, students from all grades are welcome to bring any new, small toys for the boxes. Students may wish to purchase items from the student store to include in the boxes.

Pre-K and K: Under 2 age group: bibs, rattles, soft books, teething rings, pacifiers, booties, sippy cups (please no small items that can cause choking)

1st, 2nd: 2-4 age group: dolls, Matchbox cars, crayons, coloring books, sealed bubbles, soft balls, books, paint sets, soft toy animals (please no small items that can cause choking)

3rd and 4th: 4-8 age group: Silly Putty, sealed Play Doh, paints, books, art supplies, card games, travel sized games, small puzzles, plastic animal figurines, stuffed animals, stickers, small Nerf Balls

5th and 6th: 8-11 age group: Card games, travel sized games, Silly Putty, calculator, Silly String, gel pens, yo-yo, craft kits, brainteasers, books, art supplies, small toys, Nerf balls (small)

7th and 8th: 11 and up age group: Electronic games, word searches, crosswords, books, playing cards, journals, gel pens, craft kits, brain teaser games, art supplies, nail polish, stress balls, travel sized board games

**All items sent to hospitals must be new; sorry, we cannot accept used items. **Students can bring any small toys; the ideas above are suggestions only. **

The Service Club is excited about the opportunity for all of us to help brighten the day of children during difficult times. As always, thanks for your awesome support!