Congratulations Kelsie & Grady!!

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 6/10/20

The Robert Ruth Memorial Scholarship

The Robert Ruth Memorial Scholarships are awarded to two deserving student athletes based on financial need and dedication to their academics, athletic activities, and community service. These two $500 awards were established in 2016 by the friends and family of Mr. Ruth (a former school parent, CYO coach, parish and school volunteer, and husband of retired vice principal and middle school teacher, Mary Ruth), after he passed away in 2015. They are funded by the generous donations of the school community. The Ruth Scholarship Committee is deeply grateful to the school administration, parent leadership, and everyone in the school and parish community who have supported this award through their hard work and participation in the scholarship fund raising events. Thank you so very much!

This year’s Ruth Scholarship recipients are two very deserving young people.The first scholarship is awarded to a helpful, persistent, and hard-working young man. He helps his family with chores without being asked, and he has been playing baseball since he was a toddler. On his application, he states: “In an all star game that I…pitched…we lost terribly, but I never gave up. It has helped me to become a better person…”

We are proud to award a $500 scholarship to 5th grader: Grady Widell.

The second Ruth Scholarship is awarded to a dedicated student and athlete. She is an honor student who plays both basketball and volleyball, and is involved in several co-curricular activities. On her application, she states: “I have a special love for my CYO coach…and…teammates… (They)… are my second family, and because of them, I am a better person. I have learned structure and discipline, and I am stronger both mentally and physically. Most importantly, I’ve learned to be a sister to my teammates, and to be a better friend. I have learned to own my mistakes…say I’m sorry…and to forgive…I look forward to morning sunrises. It means I’ve been given another chance to be the best version of myself.”

We are proud to award a $500 scholarship to 6th grader: Kelsie Nguyen.

Thank you to all who applied, and congratulations, Grady and Kelsie!