Virtual Spirit Week

Let's have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 5/26/20

Virtual Spirit Week- Mrs. Hoyer and I have been working with the current Student Council to come up with ideas for this year’s Spirit Week. Spirit Week will be Tues., May 26th through Fri., May 29th. We are asking parents to email pictures to me and I will post them on Facebook for that day. Here is the schedule for this year’s at-home Spirit Week, thank you to the Student Council for their ideas and their help:

Tuesday, May 26th : Disney Day!

Dress up in your favorite Disney gear or as your favorite Disney character! Students can send in photos of them watching a Disney movie in Disney-related clothes, such as costumes from the movies. It could be Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, the Minions or Buzz LightYear! Think outside of the box and reach for infinity and beyond!!

Wednesday, May 27th: "Fill the Void!" Sports Day!

We are all missing our favorite sports, so we are going to try and fill the void by dressing up as our favorite sports person. You can also get decked out in your favorite sports team gear (Yankees and Patriots of course!!). Maybe you just want to break out your own sports gear just for memories sake!! Students can send in pictures of them participating in any sport while wearing sportswear from their favorite teams. Will it be baseball, soccer, football, softball...whatever sport you sport!!

Thursday, May 28th: Culture Day!

St. Philomena School has an amazing diverse community and we want to learn more about each other! Show off your cultural pride and wear something that best represents your ethnic background! Teach us about a cultural experience by making one of your favorite dishes and send in pictures of the amazing dish! Students are also encouraged to share the recipes for their dishes and we can post them online too! Start waving your cultural flag and be proud of who you are!!

Friday, May 29th: Hero Day/Color Run!

Students can dress up as our modern day heroes that are working hard to fight COVID-19 everyday, including doctors, nurses, firemen, police officers, grocery store workers and many more. We are so proud of all the workers who are doing such a tremendous job of helping all of us stay safe and keep our country moving forward!! We are asking students to make a thank you sign and take a picture of you dressed up as a hero with a thank you sign and we will flood our Facebook page with virtual thank yous!!