Splash 2020

Get Ready! Online Auction starting August 6th!

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 8/06/20

Splash 2020! Mrs. Blood, Alisa Murray and I met last week to put the final touches on the 2020 Splash Auction. After much discussion and consideration, we have decided not to hold the gala event this year. Instead, we are opting for an online auction in August from August 6th through August 8th with a pick up day on August 9th. More information on that later. However, we have decided to hold the Family Night on August 15th -- outside. We feel that by scaling it down, we will have more room and spacing outside. We are revamping the way we are doing things and feel pretty confident that we can safely hold the event. We are still working on the details for both the online and Family Night and will keep you informed.