CYO Color Run

Thank you for your support!!

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 6/10/20

Thank you to everyone who supported the CYO Color Run. Here are some details on the event: Donations- $1,235 online donations, $4,140 cash/check donations and about 50% of families picked up color kits. The school’s pProfit is $2276.60 which will be used for playground equipment for the students. CYO’s profit is $2020.80 which will be used for scholarships, gym fees and uniforms.

The Top 3 families to raise money are:

1st Place Gross-Englert Family

2nd Place Trujillo-Walker Family

3rd Place Kelly Family

The Gross-Englert family and Mrs. Anderson (PreK aide) won the drawing and will each receive a gift card from CYO. Thank you so much to the CYO Commission for all their hard work!!