In Person Hybrid Learning Model

Please read the following information

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 4/14/21

After a lengthy discussion and weighing all options, the faculty and I have made the decisions to keep our in-person learning model as it is through the end of the school year. We will continue with Group A on Monday and Tuesday and Group B on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will continue to be an Asynchronous Learning Day. The biggest hurdle with bringing students back at 3 feet apart is that the students still need to be 6 feet apart when eating lunch and currently we don’t have the staff or room to make that happen. There were also a variety of other factors that we felt could impact the students’ safety. Father Woodland is in full agreement with keeping our current learning model the way it is until the end of the school year.

School hours will be Monday through Thursday from 8:20 AM to 3:00 PM, Fridays are being set aside for asynchronous learning. Kids’ Club will be open Monday through Thursday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Fridays from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

There was a low response to families needing child care on Fridays, this means that Kids’ Club will be closed on Fridays through the remainder of the school year.

Pre-arrival procedures:

Please make sure that before you leave your house, that your child is not exhibiting the following symptoms: chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting or diarrhea as they will not be admitted to school. Please make sure you have not had any of the symptoms within the last day.

Arrival Procedures:

We are extending the drop off time which will be from 7:50 AM to 8:20 AM. We will ask parents to the best of their ability to follow the drop-off times which will be families whose last names are A-L will drop off from 7:50 AM to 8:05 AM and M-Z will be from 8:05 AM- 8:20 AM.

We are going to have parents do morning drop off in the same format as afternoon pick up to help with traffic flow.

Students will get their temps taking before they exit their cars. They will not be allowed to enter the building with a temp above 100.4 degrees or higher and must go home with their parents. Students who check out ok will go straight to their classrooms. There will be no congregating outside of the school. Parents are not allowed in the school building.

Dr. Morissette, Mrs. Hoyer, Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Tarabochia will be taking temperatures.

Marlys will be helping direct traffic.

There is no morning Kids’ Club. All students in PreKindergarten through 8th grade must go through the drive through. Parents can not walk their child to the school.

You may say your goodbye in the car after your child’s temperature has been taken. We understand that this may be challenging for both you and your child, but we ask that you be encouraging and positive as you say goodbye.

PreK students will exit their car and go straight to the PreK classroom.

Kindergarten students will exit their car and go to the kindergarten classroom and enter through the outside door of the kindergarten classroom.

1st through 8th grade students will enter through the main door of the school.

Everyone will enter through the front door of the school and exit out the side door at all times; this includes faculty, staff, and students, except for PreK and Kindergarten students in the morning.

Students will receive hand sanitizer when they arrive at school.

Mrs. Hilstad will be at the PreK door, Mrs. Horn will be at the outside K door, Mr. Sam & Miss Gudjonson will be at the front door making sure students get hand sanitizer, Mrs. Aritchita will be outside 4th grade making sure 1-4 go right to their classrooms, Mrs. Hamling will be outside 8th grade making sure 5-8 go right to their classrooms.


All students must wear a mask to school and have a backup mask in their backpack. Masks must be worn in class and at recess times. Students will be allowed to take their masks off during snack and lunch times. If a “mask break” is necessary, teachers take the children outside, safely distance, and allow students to remove their masks for a short period of time. We do have masks at school in case a child needs a new one.

Hallway procedures:

All classes will move through the hallways in single file lines staying to the right side of the hall. The hallways have been marked with arrows on the floor.

The teacher aides will walk the students outside for recess duty observing the hallway rules. Teacher aides and/or teachers will walk students to the specialist classroom or areas.

Classroom procedures:

We will spread desks 6’ apart. We have plastic study carrels for the desk and will put them on every other desk. This should help with spreading of germs, in addition to students wearing masks. We will also be requiring teachers to create a seating plan in which all students will be facing in one direction. Academic time that focuses on direct interaction such as working in small groups, centers, partners and/or on the carpet as a group will have to be put on hold at this time. Students will stay in their grade-level pods.

Lockers will only be used in middle school for coats and sweatshirts. Books and supplies will stay in students’ backpacks and on the back of students’ chairs.


1st-8th grade teachers will have access to swivel cameras which will help with the remote learners.


We are doing our best to limit students moving from room to room; generally they will stay in their own classrooms all day. Students will move for PE. Middle school teachers will do our best to limit student movement. There will be PE; the goal will be to focus on individual activities.

Air Quality:

The school has purchased portable air purifiers for each classroom space and the parish hall. They can clean a room up to 845 sq. ft in 1 hour and the medical-grade HEPA H13 filter removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns.


Schools are being encouraged to allow students to be outside as much as possible within the social distancing requirements. Recess and outdoor activities will be scheduled for daily use of the playgrounds. Classes will be separated into areas. Non-competitive and non-physical touch activities will be supervised. Play on the Big Toy is within the current Health Department guidelines and will be allowed with sanitizing between groups. No students will be allowed on the lower playground at this time. All other playground equipment will be used per guidelines and sanitizing protocols.

AM Recess times:

· PreK & Kindergarten 9:30 AM- 9:45 AM- Mrs. Anderson & Miss Gudjonson- Big Toy and area outside of the PreK room

· 1st & 2nd grade- 9:50 AM- 10:05 AM- Mr. Sam & Mrs. Smidt- black top area, no big toy for am recess

· 3rd & 4th 10:10 AM- 10:25 AM- Mrs. Aritchita & Mrs. Hamling- black top area- no big toy for am recess


Students will eat in their classrooms. The hot lunch program won’t restart until September 2021. All students will need to bring in a sack lunch, nothing that needs to be microwaved as there won’t be microwave access. Milk won’t be available until after spring break. We are requesting students bring in fillable water bottles that they can fill up at the water bottle filling stations. Drinking fountains will not be accessible other than for water bottle filling.

· PreK- 11:30 AM- eat in classroom with Mrs. Anderson

· K- 11:30 AM- 11:50 AM- eat in classroom with Miss Gudjonson

· 1st- 11:30 AM- 11:50 AM- eat in classroom with Mr. Sam

· 2nd- 11:30 AM- 11:50 AM- eat in classroom with Dr. Morissette.

· 3rd- 12:00 PM- 12:20 PM eat in classroom with Mrs. Incrocci

· 4th- 12:00 PM- 12:20 PM eat in classroom with Mrs. Hamling

· 5th- 12:00 PM- 12:20 PM eat in classroom with Dr. Morissette

· 6th- 12:30 PM- 12:50 PM- eat in classroom with Mrs. Incrocci

· 7th- 12:30 PM- 12:50 PM- eat in classroom with Dr. Morissette

· 8th – 12:30 PM- 12:50 PM- eat in classroom with Mrs. Wiltse

Lunch Recess times:

· PreK- 2nd grade 11:50 AM to 12:05 PM- Mrs. Anderson, Miss Gudjonson, Mr. Sam and Mrs. Wiltse.

· 3rd-5th grade- 12:20 PM- 12:35 PM – Dr. Morissette & Mrs. Hamling

· 6th- 8th grade- 12:50 PM- 1:05 PM – Dr. Morissette & Mrs. Hamling


PreK and kindergarten have their own bathrooms and those students will use those bathrooms. 1st through 8th graders will use the main bathrooms in the school as needed and we will monitor bathroom use. We will be avoiding whole groups using the bathrooms all together.


We will be utilizing both hand sanitizing and handwashing. We will also use Wet Ones when needed as an additional way to wash our hands in the classroom and would appreciate it if parents could send some to school. There are sinks in PreK and Kindergarten. 5th-8th grade students can also use the sink in 8th grade and in the volunteer room for handwashing and 1st-4th grade can also use the sink in the health room if no one is in there.


Teachers will set aside time for disinfecting the classroom area. This will need to occur after every Middle School class. For other grades it should occur every two hours or less. PreK & K will have to make sure that the bathrooms are wiped down after each use. The entire school will be cleaned and sanitized every evening by our cleaning crew.


Any students who expressed being sick or show signs of illness will be moved to the health room for observations, questions, and temperature taking. Any student who has Covid-19 symptoms will be moved to an isolation room per Health Department protocol. Parents will be notified and expected to come to school immediately. Current Health Department guidelines will determine how long a sick student will need to stay away from school. Currently, anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees must be away from school for 72 hours without fever-reducing medication. Anyone testing positive for Covid-19 will be required to follow all Health Department guidelines before returning to school. St. Philomena School will notify the Health Department of any positive test and follow the guidelines for tracing, sanitizing and closure if necessary.

Updated travel recommendations:

Get tested with a viral test 3 to 5 days after travel and stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel. If you test negative the recommendation is stay home for 7 days. If you do not get tested, self-quarantine for 10 days. If you test positive quarantine for 14 days. Anyone who has received both Covid vaccinations will not have to quarantine after traveling.

For the students who will continue remote learning:

· Students will join the ongoing Google Meet/Zoom under the teacher’s discretion and announced schedule

· Teachers will provide the schedule of the day, but please understand that we will need to be a little flexible at the beginning as there might be times when lessons go longer or shorter depending on a variety of circumstances.

· Students will log off during recess and lunch.

· For library and tech classes, students will log on at their assigned time for a live session when appropriate.

· There will be instructional aides in PreK through 4th grade that will help the students with remote learning.

Final notes:

PreK classes will run from 8:20 AM until 11:30 AM. Students can then be picked up to go home. Those students who need to stay will be with Mrs. Anderson, eat lunch and then have to time work on their classwork and other activities until 3:00 PM, after that they will be part of Kids’ Club. Mrs. Hilstad would then be available to work with the remote learners in the afternoons.

Other notes:

· An email regarding the need for Kids’ Club was recently sent out, if you will need childcare through Kids’ Club please fill out the form sent with the email

· There will be no in-person all school Masses, assemblies, or prayer services until deem acceptable by the health department

· Students will need to bring earthquake kits to school

· There will be no after school clubs, no family color days and no morning Kids’ Club

· Parents will not be allowed in the school building

· As we prepare to come back to school, students will need their full uniforms and all students must adhere to the hair policy, which means no dyed hair and hair for boys must be off the collar and out of their eyes; hair must also be out of their eyes for girls.

· Some parents have received emails regarding Picture day from LifeTouch. We are not planning on student pictures at this time, but will be re-evaluating student pictures after Spring Break in April.

Dismissal procedures:

The goal is to not crowd the hallways and have students be in a close proximity to one another.

· PreK will exit their classroom at 3:00 PM and go to their spot in the covered play area

· Kindergarten will exit their classroom at 3:00 PM and go to their spot in the covered play area

· 1st grade will exit their classroom at 3:00 PM, go out the side exit then go to their spot in the covered play area

· 2nd grade will exit their classroom at 3:00 PM, checking the hall to make sure that 1st grade is not in the hallway, go out the side exit then go to their spot in the covered play area

· 3rd grade will exit at 2:58 PM, checking the hall to make sure that 4th grade is not in the hallway exit out the side door and then go to their spot in the parking lot

· 4th grade will exit at 2:56 PM, exit out the side door and then go to their spot in the parking lot

· 5th grade will exit at 2:58 PM, checking the hall to make sure that 6th grade is not in the hallway exit out the side door and then go to their spot in the parking lot

· 6th grade will exit at 2:56 PM, exit out the side door and then go to their spot in the parking lot

· 7th grade will exit at 2:54 PM, checking the hall to make sure that 8th grade is not in the hallway exit out the side door and then go to their spot in the parking lot

· 8th grade will exit at 2:54 PM, exit out the side door and then go to their spot in the parking lot, which will be by the buddy bench

A teacher or teacher’s aide must walk the students out of the classroom and to their designated area. NO STUDENT can stay behind in the classroom. Kids’ Club students will leave your classroom line as you are exiting the side door and go line up along the fence, six feet apart. Do not have Kids’ Club students leave early or stay behind.