Wreath Sale!!

It is time to order your Christmas wreath!!

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 11/16/20

It is the most wonderful time of the year! It is wreath sale time. The wreath sale kicked off on Monday, Nov. 2nd and orders have to be in by Nov. 16th. This year we are selling:

  • 24” green traditional wreaths at $20.00

  • crosses at $25.00

  • 25’ garland at $25.00

  • candy cane shaped wreaths at $25.00

  • Deluxe centerpiece at $15.00

There will be no decorated wreaths. All wreath sales will be done online. To order a wreath you need to place your order on the wreath website: http://www.stphilswreaths.com/ starting on Nov. 2nd. Wreath delivery will be the week before Thanksgiving!!