• Monday, August 31st 2020 @ 4:00pm

    2020-2021 Calendar Date Highlights

    2020-2021 Calendar Dates! The faculty and I have been busy working on the calendar for the upcoming school year. Here are some of the important dates: Mon., June 15th, 2020- Summer... More »
  • Saturday, April 4th 2020 @ 5:30pm

    Splash Live Gala Auction

    The SPLASH Live Gala Auction is Saturday, April 4th at Emerald Downs Racetrack in Auburn, WA. It’s time for you to make your SPLASH reservations for SPLASH 2020! The SPLASH Auction is St. Philomena School’s largest fundraiser. SPLASH provides nearly... More »
  • Saturday, April 4th 2020 @ 5:30pm

    Splash Paddle Raise 2020

    This year’s Paddle Raise focuses on many items that support the high achievement of students and includes: A sound-proof room, additional Chromebooks, more updated classroom furniture. Our goal is $35,000 all to benefit the students at St. Philomena School... More »
  • Tuesday, March 31st 2020 @ 4:00pm

    Jared Boxes

    St. Phil's Service Club is collecting items for Jared Boxes! During Lent, St. Philomena School is undertaking a special service project to help our community. The Service Club is sponsoring a Jared Box Collection that will benefit youth... More »
  • Monday, March 2nd 2020 @ 4:00pm

    Coronavirus Information

    With the outbreak of the Coronavirus in WA state, we are doing our best in keeping the school extra clean, reminding students to wash their hands and to use hand sanitizer. Here are some best practices for keeping illness including... More »
  • Wednesday, February 26th 2020 @ 4:00pm

    Lenten Events

    Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Lent is a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works in preparation for the celebration of Easter. The word Lent itself is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word lencten, meaning "Spring,"... More »
  • Tuesday, February 4th 2020 @ 4:00pm

    Fred Meyer Rewards Program

    There is a very easy way for you to earn the school some money!! Please sign up for the Fred Meyer Rewards Program. So far we have 63 families that are enrolled and we just got a check for $216.00... More »
  • Monday, January 27th 2020 @ 4:00pm

    2020 Distinguished Graduate

    We are honored to announce the 2020 St. Philomena School Distinguished Graduate is Lisa Weber Korth. Lisa graduated from St. Philomena School in 1990 and then went on to Kennedy Catholic High School, Seattle University and the Art Institute. Lisa... More »