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CYO (Catholic Youth Organization)

CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) is an athletic program sponsored by the Archdiocese of Seattle. St. Philomena School students may participate in the CYO Program in accordance with norms governing the Archdiocesan CYO Outdoor Ministries and Athletics program.

The CYO’s mission statement is “to provide opportunities for youth to develop strong moral character, self worth, interpersonal competence, and a commitment to caring for others and their community through activities of a social, educational, and recreational nature based on Christian principles that reinforce societal values."

CYO’s vision is that “With gratitude to Christ, we focus our resources and support the ministries which strongly impact the greatest number of youth, young adults and families – thus engaging them on their journey to know God and participate in the Catholic Community.”

CYO Athletics is committed to the dignity and worth of each child it serves, regardless of physical talents, mental strength, or emotional health, and hopes that the same respect for life will become a part of his or her value system. A desired outcome is that each child knows that they are wanted and loved.

Boys and girls from ages 5 through 18 of any race or national origin participate in CYO Athletic programs. Sports may include soccer, cross country, basketball, volleyball, and track.

The CYO Athletics community is organized around the parish as its center of activities, as this is a natural environment that provides a resource of volunteers and financial support necessary for the implementation of activities for youth. It is this environment that also encourages family participation in activities, as well as serving as a base of operations for coordinated programs and service projects to the greater community upon which youth can have a positive influence.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle

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CYO Athletics is sports done a different way – as one community. Individuals and teams strive for greatness in accordance with Gospel values.

To develop the whole person, we teach that success is not measured solely by the scoreboard, but by the effort, team play, and fun of the experience.


CYO Commission

CYO Athletic Commission

Back Row: Kris Kelly, Amy McDonough, Lindsey King, Christy Paden, Mike Fletcher

Front Row: Matt Korzeniecki, Sarah Erdmann, Halina Trevino, Moira Walters

Athletic Director: Amy McDonough

Secretary/Vice Chair: Lindsey King

Communications Chair: Christy Paden

Gym Coordinator: Matt Korzeniecki

Uniform Coordinator: Moira Walters

Field Coordinator: Kris Kelly

Apparel & Pictures Coordinator: Sarah Erdmann

Equipment Coordinator: Halina Trevino

Past AD & Church Liaison: Mike Fletcher

Contact Info:

St. Philomena Parish

1790 South 222nd Street

Des Moines, WA 98198