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Scholarship Funds

The following funds are ways for you to join us in making the gift of Catholic education possible for families at St. Philomena School now and in the future.

Gloria Strauss Scholarship Fund

St. Philomena School has established the “Gloria Strauss Scholarship”. This scholarship is established in the name of Gloria Strauss, which will provide tuition assistance to students whose families are in dire financial or personal circumstances that threaten or prevent their access to a Catholic education. Families will need to apply for assistance and the awarding of financial assistance will be done by a special scholarship committee.

For those of you who knew Gloria and the story of her courageous four year battle with Neuroblastoma cancer that began when she was just 7 years old, the establishment of this scholarship in her honor is especially exciting news. It means that the grace of Gloria’s life and journey will continue to shine in the lives of many more children in the future, giving them an opportunity for stability, spiritual nourishment, and a sound Catholic education as their families weather the challenges that life sometimes brings.

The Gloria Strauss Scholarship Breakfast Video



Lee Jenkins Endowment Fund

Lee Jenkins Endowment Fund

Lenore C. Jenkins or “Lee” to her dear friends was a founding member of St. Philomena Parish who was active with several Catholic lay organizations in the Archdiocese of Seattle. Lee passed away on March 26, 2006 from pneumonia. She was 93. Lee was born in Seattle and raised in the little town called Des Moines. She attended Highline High School in Burien. With the loving support of her late husband, Jack, Lee helped to build the present-day St. Philomena Church in Des Moines, Washington.

Lee served on the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women, was past president of the Visitation Retreat Auxiliary and was a member of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas and the Young Ladies Institute. She was also the past president of the Seattle Milk Fund and a member of the Des Moines Historical Society. Lee was actively involved in St. Philomena Parish life activities and programs. She was a member of the Altar Society and hosted countless dinners and smorgasbords to raise funds to build the new church and school in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Lee loved the children of St. Philomena. She worked tirelessly to support the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur so school supplies were always available. She helped care for the men and women religious at the Long House and at the parish rectory. Lee responded to the needs of her faith community in loving and abundant ways. In 1996, she generously gave seed money of $14,000 to initiate St. Philomena School’s first computer lab. Lee was a great philanthropist and responded generously to the needs around her.

In the fall of 2006, a Scholarship Endowment has been established for St. Philomena School in memory of Mrs. Lee Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins stated in her will that a scholarship endowment gift of one-half million dollars has been created to solidify her great care, devotion, and eternal commitment to the children at St. Philomena School. She wanted to make sure that Catholic education was accessible for all Catholic families.

On behalf of the students, parents, teachers and staff, alumni, and faithful school supporters, we express our sincere gratitude for the endowment gift of one-half million dollars. We pledge our commitment to the mission and goals of St. Philomena School and Parish to ensure Catholic education is an affordable option for all Catholic families. We pledge our responsibility to manage and nurture this foundational gift so generations of children will be able to say, “I am a St. Philomena School Student”.

The Lee Jenkins Endowment Fund finances tuition assistance. A portion of the Endowment Fund is withdraw and used to help with tuition assistance for needy families.


Marilyn Byers Alumni Scholarship Fund

Helps St. Philomena School alumni families with tuition assistance. This is a great way for past alumni help future alumni of St. Philomena School.

One $1000 scholarship will be awarded to an alumni family at the Scholarship Event each February. An alumni family is one in which one of the parents is an alumnus/na of St. Philomena School. All alumni families will have their name placed in a drawing. The alumni family must be present at the Scholarship Event to receive the award. The scholarship will be credited toward the drawn family’s financial obligations toward the school, (i.e. tuition, band fees, hot lunch etc.). An alumni family may only receive this award one time.

2020- The Genord Family

2021- The Herrera Family

2022- The Stone Family

Robert Ruth Memorial Scholarship

(Robert Ruth, who passed away in 2015, was a school parent, volunteer, board member, and CYO coach at St. Philomena for many years, and he was a dedicated supporter of Catholic education. Robert believed that receiving a strong, faith-based, academic foundation was vital to success in life, and he also felt that being involved in athletics helped kids be stronger and more dedicated students. In his honor and memory, his friends and family have established a yearly $500 tuition-assistance scholarship to be awarded each spring to support the strong work ethic and dedication of one St. Philomena student athlete.)

2017 - Diego Andrade

2018 - Norah Martin

2019- Giana Morton & Finley McAlpine

2020- Grady Widell & Kelsie Nguyen

2021- Charlotte Barton & Kevin Nunez

2022- Sofia Wi, Amanda Aritchita, George Schoen and Hudson Hedrick

St. Philomena Long Term Development Fund

Is the one fund that helps with the greatest needs of the overall school, such as facilities, curriculum, and technology.

Please donate through the school website or send your donation directly to the school at:

St. Philomena School

1815 S 220th Street

Des Moines, WA 98198

Development News 10/26/2022