St. Phil Jeans & T-shirt Day

DATE: 11/17/22

St. Philomena T-shirt and Jeans Day. On special days designated as “St. Philomena T-shirt and Jeans Day” all students are welcome to wear a casual uniform. This includes any St. Philomena sweatshirt, or St. Philomena T-shirts, this includes CYO sweatshirts or t-shirts. These may be worn with blue denim jeans. Blue denim jeans must be presentable. No jeggings, skinny, or tight jeans are allowed. Jeans must be in good repair and may not be ripped, have holes or any adornments on them. Skirts, shorts and/or Capri pants are not allowed on St. Philomena T-shirt and Jeans Day. If a student chooses not to participate in a T-shirt and Jeans day then they may always wear their uniform.

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