Final wreath order and delivery information

DATE: 12/03/21 - 12/05/21

Wreath Sales… It is time to order your Christmas decorating items, we are selling:

  • 24” green traditional round wreaths at $22.50

  • Evergreen crosses at $25.00

  • 25’ garland at $25.00

  • Deluxe centerpiece at $15.00


  • Last day to order wreath items is 12/3, pick-up will be 12/5 – Sunday – noon to 2:00 PM


  • 5 or more wreaths--non-uniform day for each child in the family

  • 10 or more wreaths--non-uniform AND ice cream treats at lunch

  • 15 or more wreaths- all of the above and movie night

  • Top 20 wreath sellers--all of the above and a celebration lunch in the teachers lounge for each child in the family

  • Top Selling Family's children receive a "Lunch with the Principal" in his office!

Volunteers who volunteer at least 5 hours to the wreath sales are eligible for:

  • Non-uniform day and the movie night only; the ice cream treat is earned through selling wreaths

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