Uniform Information as students return to school

Please adhere to the uniform policy

TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 2/18/21

As we return to school here is the uniform information for in school students.
Jumpers, skirts, and skorts – Girls in PreK - 8 wear the Douglas plaid jumper or skirt (to be worn within 2 inches of the knee) available at the Dennis Uniform Company. Girls in grades 6-8 may wear the Dennis Uniform khaki skirt; no other brand of khaki skirts is allowed. Shorts should be worn under the jumper, skirt, or skort but may not be visible. Leggings may not be worn with the uniform. (Girls may wear tights during cold weather.)

Pants - All pants must be a uniform-style pant. Students in grades PreK -- 8 wear plain navy blue, regular navy corduroy, or cotton twill long pants, available at the Dennis Uniform Store. Students in grades 6 – 8 may wear Dennis Uniform Store khaki pants; no other brands of khaki pants are allowed. Pants must not have contrasting stitching or adornments, and be ankle length, straight legged, and hemmed to shoe tops. Pants must be worn snugly around the waist and may not be baggy and oversized. No cargo-type pants are allowed.

Shirts – Students in PreK – 8 wear short sleeved, button front, white knit-polo shirts with collars. Students in grades PreK – 8 may also wear the Dennis Uniform forest green or navy blue polo shirt; no other brand of polo shirt in forest green or navy blue is allowed. All shirts must be tucked into the waistband. (NO LOGOS or crests permitted.)
Shoes – Students must wear casual or tennis shoes. They should be colors that coordinate with the uniform: black, white, blue, navy blue, brown, gray, or dark green. No print, plaid or bright neon colors. Plain matching white laces are acceptable and all shoes must be tied for safety purposes. Velcro laces are acceptable for PreK -- 3rd grade students. No sandals, slip-ons or slippery-soled party shoes. No flip flops. Please avoid shoes with thick black soles as they mark up the floors. (Also applies to any Non-Uniform days.) No boots of any kind are allowed to be worn with the uniform. No light-up shoes.

Only plain tights in blue, black, white or dark green. No leggings, only footed tights.
You may purchase uniform items from Dennis Uniform at www.dennisuniform.com or contact Alisa Murray at alisabmurry@gmail.com for used uniforms.

All uniform information can be found in the Family Handbook. This was sent to all families at the beginning of the year and can be found on the school website, www.stphilomenaschool.com.