Hot Lunch 2021- 2022

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TIME: 4:00pm
DATE: 9/07/21

Our Hot Lunch Program will begin Tuesday September 7, 2021. Families must have their enrollment form in by Thursday, September 2, 2021.
Hot Lunch Registration form

Our hot lunch program will begin on Tues., Sept. 7th. Families must have their enrollment form in by Thursday, September 2, 2021. We are offering three different options for lunch: 5 days a week; Mon./Wed./Fri. 3 days a week or Tues/Thurs., 2 day a week program. Lunch will be offered September 7, 2021 through June 6, 2022. The Hot Lunch menu will be published monthly beginning in late August. Please keep in handy to refer to for menus of the day, as well as the dates lunch is offered. Lunch consists of a hot entrée item, several nutritious side dishes and dessert. Milk is not included with hot lunch; however, chocolate or white milk is available daily for a one-time payment of $30.00 per child. The costs for the program are on the attached flyer.

We need parent volunteers to help out in the lunchroom!! Anyone working in the lunch room needs a food handler's card. The class is online and costs $10.00. The school will reimburse the cost of the class for you if you provide us with the receipt. This is an excellent way to get your commitment hours done, meet new people and have fun getting to know the students. Please click on the following link for all the info on getting your food handler’s card

Lunchroom Safety Protocols- We will be following the established lunchroom protocols for our hot lunch program:

  • Students will wear their masks from their classrooms into the lunchroom. They will leave their masks on while waiting in the lunchroom line. Masks can come off once students sit down at their seats. Students will need to have their masks on if they need to use the bathrooms or if they get out of their seats and when they leave the hall.

  • Everyone will come in the outside door at the end of the hall near the bathrooms and exit out of the doors located closer to the kitchen. Students will have to be 3 feet apart when waiting in the lunchroom line.

  • We will be adding extra tables and will be spreading the tables further apart. Each round table will have a plexi glass 4 quadrant divider to add additional protection for the students. We will also have some tables further away from everyone if a student is uncomfortable being around other students.

  • Volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves. Students will not be touching any food items or utensils in the lunch line.

  • We will leave the hall doors open for extra ventilation.

  • As always we will be disinfecting the tables after each lunch.