Accreditation 2023

St. Philomena School's accreditation visit is March 29th-March 31st!

DATE: 3/01/23

We have our accreditation visit scheduled for March 29th through March 31st. The visit is where a team of educators from different Catholic schools come to St. Philomena and evaluate the school based on our written accreditation self-study. I have been reviewing details of the accreditation process at PEP Club meeting since the fall of 2021. The faculty has written the accreditation self-study and have created an accreditation digital library. There is no school on Friday, March 10th as the faculty will be working on adding evidence to finalize the digital library.

Here are the accreditation goals I shared with parents at the last PEP Club Meeting. This will be the school’s main focus over the next six year:

  • Accreditation Action Plan goals which are:

Domain #1

  • Be more intentional about living the Catholic Social Teachings through additional classroom instruction, retreats, and connections with charitable organizations and service projects.

Domain 2

  • Additional PLC time and professional development that will focus on more common planning, the use of common formative assessments, and analysis of data to better meet students’ needs and create a protocol to evaluate the effectiveness of the PLCs.

Domain #3

  • To continue the professional development in the area of equity and diversity to better understand and teach our students and to reach and partner with the entire school parent community.

Domain #4

  • To create an updated strategic plan that will include a salary plan, technology plan, facilities plan, and stewardship monitoring.

As the faculty was working on the self-study document for our upcoming accreditation visit it was noted that there is an opportunity to help our school parents gain additional knowledge about the Catholic faith. We have decided to include links to Father Michael Schmitz, a Catholic priest and eloquent speaker in the weekly newsletter. Fr. Michael touches base on a variety of subjects, currently he is discussing various stories in the Bible. Please take a moment and listen to what he has to say.

The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)