Splash Auction 2023 In-person event

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TIME: 6:00pm
DATE: 3/25/23

The Splash auction in-person event is a fundraising event that will take place in the parish hall on Saturday, March 25th starting at 6:00 PM. Tickets are $60.00 per person.


There will be appetizers followed by a buffet dinner. The buffet dinner will include: a fish dish, skirt steak, spring salad, a potato side and veggies. Wine, beer, water and pop will be served.

There will be a variety of desserts thanks to a dessert dash. The dessert dash works by having each person/couple at a table decide on how much they would like to bid on a dessert (for example $25.00 or $50.00) then you add up your entire table and that is your table bid. Each table selects a “Dasher” that will run to the dessert table when their table number is called. Then the auctioneer will call up the table that has bid the highest bid to choose their dessert. That table’s Dasher gets to the dessert table as quickly as possible and selects a dessert. The auctioneer calls out the table with the second highest bid and so on until all desserts have been chosen. It is a fun way to add some excitement into the evening. This year all proceeds from the dessert dash will be donated to the St. Philomena School’s Scholarship funds.

At the in-person event guests will have a chance to bid on items on silent tables. This means each guest writes down their bid on an item they want to purchase and then other guests can outbid them. The highest bid when the auction table closes wins that item.

At the in-person event there will also be the opportunity to purchase a mystery box for $50.00 which have prizes inside of them such as gift cards. There will be a restaurant board where guests can bid on and purchase gift cards to various restaurants. There will be an envelope game where guests put either $1.00, $2.00 or $5.00 in an envelope and if your name is called they win ten times the amount you put in the envelope.

Finally there will be a Live Auction where there are more extravagant items. The Live Auction will have between 12 to 15 items where everyone in the room can bid on the items by raising your bid card. The Live Auction will include such items as: a trip to Disneyland, a wine tour weekend, dinner prepared and served by Dr. M and Father Woodland, a suite at a Mariner’s game, Sounder’s tickets, and more fabulous items.