Parent Contract Meeting

Meeting Highlights

DATE: 3/20/24

Thank you to all the parents who attended the 2024-2025 Parent Contract meeting last Thursday, I truly appreciate your support. Contracts have been released electronically through School Admin. A $250.00 per family non-refundable contract fee is due with the contract. This secures your child(ren)’s enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year. Contracts are due back to school on Thursday, March 28th, 2024. Contracts received after March 28th, must pay a contract fee of $300.00. Contract fee is non-refundable and must be paid for the contract to be accepted.

If you did not attend the meeting, the PowerPoint presentation will be available on the school’s website on the front page. This includes next year’s tuition rates, fees and fundraising responsibilities as well as information about the next school year.

Highlights from the meeting:

2024-2025 St. Philomena School Tuition:

  • $7,016 In-Parish Rate per student

  • $7,378 Catholic Rate per student

  • $10,167 Non-Parish Rate per student

The cost to educate a child at St. Philomena Catholic School is approximately $10,167. Tuition covers a portion of this cost. The remaining costs are made up through fundraising. Tuition comparison and other important tuition information is on the PowerPoint.

Tuition Payment Methods:

  • Tuition paid the 5th of every month or Tuition paid the 20th of every month

It can be paid in the following payments:

  • 4 Quarterly payments

  • 10 Monthly payments (August through May)

  • 12 Monthly payments (June through May)

Tuition Payment Options

  • Pay in full by Sept. 5th, 2024. This can be done by credit card, debit card or check through Kara in the parish office.

  • Pay with a credit card or debit card that will be automatically charged. If a family chooses this option they must also pay the 2.9% processing fee charged by School Admin.

  • Pay through a checking account (electronic bill pay) that will be automatically processed. There is no processing fee for using this payment method.

Other fees:

  • Eighth Grade Graduation Fee which covers cost of graduation, a yearbook and other 8th grade expenses is $150.00. This fee needs to be paid by April 17, 2025.

  • 6th Grade Camp Fee is $250.00. This fee needs to be paid by March 28, 2025.


Anchor Fund is due by October 31, 2024. Every family must financially support the St. Philomena School’s Anchor Fund, which helps with the current and future operational costs of the school. All Anchor Fund donations are tax deductible.

Each family must purchase SCRIP to generate a minimum of $250.00 in revenue for St. Philomena School. Families not meeting the minimum $250.00 will be billed the difference between revenue generated and $400.00 by May 31, 2025.

SPLASH Auction (St. Philomena: Leadership, Action, Scholarship, Heritage)

  • Procure an item(s) and/or service(s) at $300.00 or Buy-out (Cash, Check, Credit Card) commitment at $350.00 by December 12, 2024.

  • Procure an item(s) and/or service(s) at $350.00 or Buy-out (Cash, Check, Credit Card) commitment at $400.00 by January 25, 2025

  • No procurement items will be accepted after January 25, 2025 and the Buy-out commitment will be $500.00.

Volunteers are very important to the continued success of our school and parish. Each family is responsible for finding, recording, and tracking their volunteer hours during the school year. The commitment requirements are 30 hours for each school family between June 1, 2024 and May 31, 2025. Hours not fulfilled by May 31, 2025 will be assessed at $30.00 an hour and payment is due by the last day of June.


Total Budget for 2024-2025 = $2,527,708

  • Operational fees - $200,000

  • Student supplies- $ 175,000

  • Utilities & Maintenance- $100,000

  • Taxes & Fees- $53,000

  • Salaries and Benefits- $2,000,000