Student Learning Expectations (SLE's)

Student Learning Expectations

The SLE's are the driving force in the creation of teacher lesson plans to support student learning. There is a concerted effort by the faculty to identify the SLEs that are targeted in each lesson. Teachers are intentionally identifying the objective of each lesson by visually displaying and discussing the learning target, so that the children understand what they are learning.

St. Philomena Catholic School’s Student Learning Expectations (Updated November, 2015)

A St. Philomena Catholic School Student…

A student of Catholic faith who…

  • Acquires knowledge of faith, traditions, and authentic teachings
  • Participates in liturgical, sacramental, and prayer experiences
  • Develops strategies for moral and ethical decision making
  • Practices the Golden Rule

An active learner who...

  • Acquires a solid academic foundation
  • Develops a strong work ethic
  • Utilizes technology to enhance learning
  • Practices academic risk-taking
  • Communicates clearly, confidently and skillfully

A servant learner who…

  • Responds to Christ’s call to serve
  • Demonstrates respect for diversity of all God’s children
  • Models a Christian attitude