Additional Admission Policies


Students with special needs shall be given the same consideration as all applicants. However, prior to admitting a student with diagnosed learning differences, St. Philomena School shall make a determination as to whether it can provide an appropriate education for that child in light of the school’s resources and staff/support capacity. Each child will be considered on an individual basis. St. Philomena School will consider:

  1. the severity and degree of the disability;
  2. the level of support needed from special services and any special equipment or related services the student may require;
  3. the school's resources, such as available support personnel, class size, and accessibility of school facilities;
  4. the accommodations, if any are necessary, and the school’s ability to provide those accommodations;
  5. the child’s Student Support Plan (SSP) if one exists, and/or the school’s ability to meet a current IEP or behavioral plan; and
  6. Any other considerations that may apply to the particular situation.

Parents and/or the public school district in which the student resides shall be responsible for any additional special education services that a student may require.

St. Philomena School will accept any child for whom an appropriate program can be designed and implemented. Each child is to be considered for admission based upon his/her emotional, academic, and physical needs; the school’s ability to support the student in adhering to all health/medical requirements; and the resources available to the school in meeting those needs. St. Philomena School determines continued enrollment based on these factors.

There is a limit to what schools have the capacity to do. However, St. Philomena School will not discriminate against otherwise qualified individuals on the basis of disability if, with reasonable accommodations, school staff can assist a student in meeting the requirements of the school program.

St. Philomena School honors the following procedures in trying to serve students with special needs:

Phase 1: Identification – Identification of the specific area of concern(s), documentation of concern, consultation with the student’s family.

Phase 2: Assessment – Comprehensive assessment through the local public school or through private, professional consultants.

Phase 3: Planning and Placement – Determining the most appropriate and affirming long-term educational plan for the student. A modified plan would be created to match the needs of each individual student with on-going communication and assessment.

**For the complete procedural plans for serving students with special needs, please contact the school office.



Students who are enrolled for the current year may be re-registered for the next school year through the following process:

  • Parents returning the mid-January intent form, stating their desire to re-enroll. If this form is not returned to the school office by designated date, the student may be removed from the class list for the next school year.
  • After review of current year's tuition contract compliance, a contract for the next school will be offered provided that all current contract obligations have been met. Review to include: current tuition payments, fundraising obligation, current active parish status (financial responsibility, participation in parish life, and current service hours recorded). The contract fee is non-refundable and due with the tuition contract.
  • Non-compliance could result in change of tuition contract status.



In the event students are withdrawn from school, parents are asked to follow this procedure:

  1. Notify St. Philomena School of the withdrawal via a note to the school office with a copy sent to the principal.
  2. All financial obligations must be met before a student’s education records will be released.
  3. Student’s records will be sent at the request of the student’s new school.


St. Philomena School enters into covenants or contracts with faculty and staff and incurs financial obligations for the entire school year. In order for St. Philomena School to meet these financial obligations, when a student is enrolled, the parent/guardian assumes the obligation to pay the tuition/fees in full.

In order to receive a refund of tuition paid, the parent/guardian must advise the principal before the first day of school that the student will be withdrawing. The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

· If a student is withdrawn by the first day of school, 75% of the tuition is refundable.

· If a student is withdrawn after the end of the first trimester, 0% of the tuition is refundable.

Extenuating circumstances regarding the withdrawal of a student will be considered pending a review by the pastor and principal.

The school reserves the right, if any tuition payment is past due, to remove the student(s) from the school. The school has the further right to refuse re-enrollment for the following school year until financial commitments have been met. No transcripts of grades or school records of any child enrolled in the school shall be provided without prior payment of tuition due to the school.