Parent Information & CYO

St. Philomena School recognizes that parents are the primary educators of their children. St. Philomena School works in collaboration with the parents to provide the best Catholic education possible for all students. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child's education through numerous volunteer opportunities.

P.E.P. CLUB INFORMATION (P.E.P. equals Parents-Educators-Parishioners Meetings)

All parents/guardians with children enrolled at St. Philomena School are members of P.E.P. Club. The purpose of this organization is to provide financial, educational, social and spiritual support for the students, parents, staff, and parishioners at St. Philomena. The P.E.P. Club board members plan and facilitate all aspects of support and work in cooperation with the School Commission and principal. P.E.P. Club meetings are held throughout the school year, usually on the third Wednesday of each month. Besides being a strong base of support for the school financially, the P.E.P. Club is an opportunity to share with teachers and parents vital topics and concerns. Attendance at a P.E.P. Club meeting equals one hour toward monthly service hours.