Volunteer Information

Each family is expected to volunteer time to the school and/or parish community, attend P.E.P. Club meetings, support activities, and fund raising projects sponsored by P.E.P. Club. In order to cover the net cost of all fund raising projects,(which constitutes part of the school budget) each family is expected to meet their fund raising commitment, PLUS their auction procurement items. Two parent families are obligated to give 4 hours per month as service in the school or parish. Single parent families are obligated to give 2 hours of volunteer time per month. Attending P.E.P. Club meetings gives 1 hour of volunteer time.


Volunteers are very important to the success of our school and parish. As part of the tuition contract, each family is responsible for finding, recording, and tracking their volunteer hours during the school year. Annual commitment hour requirements are 40 hours for a two-parent family and 20 hours for a single parent family. Failure to fulfill the annual commitment hour requirement will result in an assessment charge of $30.00 per hour due June 1st each year. It is the parent’s responsibility to find opportunities of service to the school or parish. Families are encouraged to document their hours at https://docs.google.com/a/stphil.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfG7syuH75d5g30HZCYJQU5IO4YymUhiSKi5MKlYpwp8ULizA/formResponse

A periodic update of recorded hours is sent to all families through the school year.

How can I fulfill my service hour commitment? Get involved at the school and parish level. Any service supporting the good works of the school and parish are counted as volunteer hours. Ideas include but are not limited to: room parents, working in the classroom, working at the volunteer project table, take home projects, SPLASH auction, Scrip program, recycle drive, gardening around the grounds, ministers for the masses, serving on a commission, driving and chaperoning on field trips, attending the monthly PEP Club meetings and MORE!


Safe Environment

All volunteers must participate in the Safe Environment training sponsored by the Archdiocese of Seattle. There are three basic elements of the Safe Environment Program:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Abuse Prevention Policies
  • Safe Environment Training through Virtus

Please visit the Archdiocese of Seattle Safe Environment Program at www.virtusonline.org for more information or call the school office for additional details.